The CCFP hereby recommends that the practice standards outlined below be observed by all its' members

Practice Services


  • All patients are able to obtain timely care and advice appropriate to their needs.
  • The practice provides the opportunity for patients to communicate their health problems and concerns and to receive sufficient information to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their care.
  • In order to promote high standards of care the practice reaches broad agreement on approaches to diagnosis, management and outcomes which are consistent with relevant clinical practice guidelines, based on the best available evidence.
  • Patient medical records contain sufficient information to identify the patient and to document assessment, management, progress and outcomes.
  • The practice works with a range of other health and community services in its area to improve individual patient care.
  • The practice provides health promotion and disease prevention services. These are based on scientifically validated guidelines.
  • The practice makes all reasonable provisions for continuity of care.


Rights & Needs of Patients


  • The practice ensures that the doctor(s) and staff respect the rights and needs of patients.


Quality Assurance & Education


  • The practice is committed to quality assurance and continuing education.


Practice Administration


  • Practice staff deal with patients in a helpful and competent way, and can identify emergencies and deal with complaints.
  • Patient medical records are readily accessible for individual patient care, health promotion, audit and research, with due regard to confidentiality and patient rights.
  • The practice ensures that all general practitioners in the practice, either individually or collectively, can exercise full autonomy in decisions that affect clinical care.


Physical Factors


  • The practice has facilities which are appropriate for General Practice and which promote the health, safety and comfort of staff and people who use the practice.
  • Medical equipment and resources are appropriate and adequate to ensure comprehensive primary care and resuscitation.
  • The practice services are physically accessible.