The code establishes standards of professional ethical conduct with which each member of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians (CCFP) is expected to comply. These standards are intended to guide family physicians in their relationships with the individuals they serve, colleagues in the health professions, the public and all levels of government including the judiciary.

Physicians Should:

  • Ensure that advertising is of modest size and nameplate and listing of qualifications should be precise
  • Practice on a scientific basis with integrity and strive to acquire and maintain adequate knowledge and expertise upon which to render professional service.
  • Use a chaperone when necessary in examining patients.
  • Spend adequate time with patients, seeking not just to cure, but to care.
  • Not disparage colleagues
  • Ensure that referral letters are courteous, useful and ethical
  • Base their costs on usual, customary and reasonable rates.
  • Keep confidential all individual medical information, releasing such information only when required by law or overriding public health considerations, or to other physicians according to accepted medical practice, or to others at the request of the individual.
  • Recognize those medical impairments in oneself and others, including chemical dependency and abusive personal practices, which interfere with one's ability to follow the above principles, and take appropriate measures.
  • Ensure that prescriptions are legible, signed and stamped.
  • Be registered with a medical insurance company.
  • Extend professional courtesy to health personnel
  • Relate honestly and ethically in all professional relationships
  • Abide by the Code of Ethics and International Code of Conduct as stated by the profession and adopted by the board of directors of the CCFP
  • Strive to expand and disseminate medical knowledge and participate in ethical research efforts as appropriate.