Regional President: Dr. Wilmoth ‘Andy’ Shillingford [Cayman Islands] 
1st Vice-president/President-Elect: Prof. Marvin Reid [Jamaica] 
2nd Vice-president: Dr. Sabriquet Pinder-Butler [Bahamas] 
3rd Vice-president: Dr. Aileen Standard-Goldson [Jamaica] 
Honorary Secretary: Dr. Tania Whitby- Best [Barbados] 
Assistant to the Honorary Secretary: Dr. Anna Matthews [Cayman Islands/Jamaica] 
Honorary Treasurer: Dr. Arna  Brown-Morgan   [Jamaica] 
Member-at-Large (1): Dr. Colin Alert [Barbados] 
Member-at- Large (2): Dr. Cherrita Ramsaran [Trinidad] 
Past President: Dr. Pauline Williams-Green [Jamaica]